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Getting Logitech Optical Marble Mouse works in Ubuntu

Marble mouse doesn’t comes with a wheel, which makes it not quite usable in modern OS. By following the steps, you will add a button mappings for the little left button(8) so that it can emulate the middle button and emulate Wheel Button

Add a new file /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-marblemouse.conf

The content is as followed.

Section "InputClass"
    Identifier      "Marble Mouse"
    MatchProduct    "Logitech USB Trackball"
    MatchIsPointer  "on"
    MatchDevicePath "/dev/input/event*"
    Driver          "evdev"
    Option          "SendCoreEvents" "true"

    #  Physical buttons come from the mouse as:
    #     Big:   1 3
    #     Small: 8 9
    # This makes left small button (8) into the middle, and puts
    #  scrolling on the right small button (9).
    Option "Buttons"            "9"
    #Option "ButtonMapping"      "1 8 3 4 5 6 7 2 9"
    Option "ButtonMapping"      "1 9 3 4 5 6 7 2 8"
    Option "EmulateWheel"       "true"
    #Option "EmulateWheelButton" "9"
    Option "EmulateWheelButton" "8"


Connect to Onion IRC with Tails OS

Onion IRC is a education channel under #opNewBlood for Information Security education. The online course is available via IRC channel only on TOR which takes awhile to setup. Luckily we have a ready to use system Tails OS which can help us to on the IRC channel in a minute.

Tails OS is a packaged Linux that aims at preserving your privacy and anonymity. You can download the ISO here.

I use Virtual Box to build a VM, boot from the ISO image and then start connect to the IRC channel with Pidgin.



PS. My firewall doesn’t allow spoofing MAC Address, I cannot spoof it here.

Open Pidgin




Type /list to list a list of chatrooms

#school4lulz , #main and #learninghub are popular channels.


You are done!