Kali Linux KVM Guest

Install Virtual Box guest Additions

apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)
cp /media/cdrom0/VBoxLinuxAdditions.run ~/Desktop/
cd ~/Desktop/
chmod 777 VBoxLinuxAdditions.run

Install TOR in Kali Linux

apt-get install tor
apt-get install vidalia
#Enable privoxy - Privacy Proxy
apt-get install privoxy

# Modify /etc/privoxy/config, add or modify the following lines
forward-socks4 / .
forward-socks4a / .
forward-socks5 / .

# ADD DNS to TOR on /etc/tor/torrc
DNSPort 53

# Edit /etc/resolv.conf to use local proxyresolv for DNS

ln -s /usr/lib/proxychain3/proxyresolv /usr/bin
proxychains iceweasel
proxychains nmap -sT -PN -n -sV ~IP_ADDRESS~

# we can config OWASP-ZAP / Burpsuite / Iceweasel to use the following proxy
or in Sock

Enable SSH

service ssh start