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Getting MicroG to run on Old Galaxy S5 with LineageOS

I have been quite busy with my new job for a year. It is time to continue my research.

Google has been blamed for constantly sniffing and collecting customer behavior. Custom Rom and MicroG is here to come to rescure. The Android is so light without Google Play Framework, excellent battery life and fast and snappy response.

It may be useful if your phone is only for work, e.g. a Microsoft only phone. However, without Google Play Framework, Gmail, Google Maps and tons of Google apps won’t works.

Here is a highlight of the steps to install MicroG on LineageOS.

1. Assume you have an unlocked Bootloader and TWRP installed
2. Wipe Cache, Data and System, and clean install LineageOS (I use 7.1.2) in TWRP
3. Flash Magisk in TWRP
4. Flash Xposed Framework (Depending on Android version EdXposed works for >8.0.0)
5. Boot into LineageOS, install Riru module in Magisk
6. Install Xposed Installer App
7. Install FakeGapps and HiddenCore Module in Xposed Installer, they are used to provide Signature Spoofing capability.
8. You may also want to install Nanodroid for a large package of Open Source alternative common services